• Morgan Dollars Date Set 1878-1921 (1 Per Year) Album #7171

This album is a date set album ( 7171 ). It contains one port per year of the Morgan Dollar Series. If you are looking to hold all the Years and Mints of the Morgan Dollars you would need albums 7178 and 7179.

Dansco Supreme Albums are truly the best albums ever designed. Made with extremely durable binders and pages, these albums do not discolor your coins like other albums can. This brand new album holds your coins securely in place with ported holes covered by clear acetate slides. These slides allow you to view both sides of your coins but more importantly protect your coins.

Slipcase Size 5/8" Slipcase

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Slipcase Size
5/8" Slipcase View Slipcase

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Morgan Dollars Date Set 1878-1921 (1 Per Year) Album #7171

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