Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?
Our office is located in North Port, FL

Do you have a physical store I can visit?
No sorry we are internet based only.

Are you the Dansco Corporation?
No. We are US Modern Coins, Inc, a direct distributor of the Dansco product line


How do I order?
We accept orders via our website and by phone.

Can I place an order without using your website?
Yes we do accept phone orders but making the order through our website is the most effective way for both you and us. It also helps to get orders out faster with less of a chance for an error. Ordering by phone may delay your shipment by a day.

Do you have the item in stock?
Our website has up-to-date information on our stock levels. If something is low or may be out of stock it will have 3 stars (***) after the item's name in the shopping cart.

Is the price on your website correct?
Prices on our website are up-to-date and show any discounts from retail pricing.

How long will it take to process my order?
Your order is processed generally on the same day or the following business day of you placing your order, depending on the time your order was placed and order volume. See shipping methods are delivery times.

Can you prepare a quote for me?
If you add your requested items into your shopping cart click on Estimate shipping costs. On that pop up page enter your zip code and hit estimate shipping for all our available shipping pricing. If you are having problems with the shipping estimator feel free to email us your zip code and the items you need for a total.

Can I get a discount if I buy multiple items?
Generally no, as we already sell at very competitive prices. If you're looking for 10 or more full cases feel free to contact us.

Dansco Albums

When will the new 2012 updates pages and new albums be ready?
We have received many new pages and pages to handle the 2012 and beyond coinage. Roosevelt Dimes and Silver Eagles are still to come. Feel free to create an account and subscribe to our mailing list. We will forward more info on them when we hear the exact specifications.
What we have in stock so far:
  Lincoln Pennies: new albums have been created for 2010 and beyond.
       The BU only album is 7104 Shield Cents BU Only Dansco Album.
       With Proof 8104 Shield Cents with Proof Only Issue Dansco Album.

   Jefferson Nickels: have also being broken up. The current 7113 and 8113 now end with 2005.
       The new Jefferson Nickel album BU only album is album #7114
       Jefferson Nickel album with Proof Only issues album is album #8114

   Roosevelt Dimes: The last we heard was that the new 8125 page 6 release might not be ready until the end of 2013.

   Kennedy Half Dollars: Dansco Album 8167 has been created to house the 2012-Date and beyond Half dollars.

   Presidential Dollars: if you are collecting with the Proof Issues album 8185 follows album 8184. You would need them both to collect the entire P,D and S Series.

   American Silver Eagles:
      Bullion Only (1 Per year): Album #7181 has an updated page 4 with the dates from 2013-2021.
      With Proofs 8182 Page 2 and Page 3: Coming Soon.

So what is a Dansco Album? Binder? Folder? Slipcase? Slipcover?
An Album - In our category "Dansco Albums" are all the brand new albums with the pages as defined by the Dansco Corp. Each page that comes within the album already has the plastic see-through inserts so once the coin is in place you can see both sides. Some have even called it a book shelf album. These are the most common purchased Dansco related items. When someone says a Dansco album or book this is what they mean.

A Binder - In our category "Dansco Binders" is a small selection of new sized albums but the difference between the binder and the above album is that there are no pages and no plastic safety guard slides. These binders for used in two difference ways. One is to update your current album. To give it the proper binder thickness to support the most current pages available. The second usage for the binder is to make your own custom album. So make sure to choose one with the proper title on the cover. Please email if you have any questions on what a cover says.

A Folder - In our category "Dansco Folders" are also called an "All-in-One" coin folder. These are more classified for more of the novice collector. We do not suggest using these with expensive coins since there is much more air exposure and are not designed to protect your coins as well as Dansco Albums. These folders have ports that you push your coins into but the reverse is not visible and there are no protective covering over the obverse of the coins.

A Slipcase - In our category "Dansco Slipcase" (also known as a slipcover) you will find different sized cases that are used in conjunction with Dansco albums. These are not required but they do help limit air movement around your album. Your albums slide into these with the binder spine exposed so you can read the album's title and album number. If you need to know what size slipcase view the descriptions and all the corresponding album numbers are listed.

How do I insert coins into the ports? or How to use a Dansco Album?
First take your right thumb and push down on the far right port. While pushing down also push to the right. As you do this the slide will be visible outside the page end. At that point you can pinch the visible slide and pull it completely out or just enough to put in your coins.
More info can be found at our how to page

Can I add the 2009 Territory Quarters to my 7143 P and D Dansco Album?
Yes, the 7144 Page 1 is available for purchase. There is plenty of room in the binder for this page as long as you haven't added any pages to the 7143 previously. You do not need anything else the posts and screws are long enough to accommodate.

I have both the 8143 and 8144 for the 1999-2008 Statehood Quarters what is next?
To follow that sequence for the 2009 Territory Quarters with proof and silver proof is the 8145. Since the 8145 is a 2 page album those two pages will not fit into the 8144 plus the dates on the cover will not be correct. There will be no updated 8143 or 8144 to change this. After that the National Park Quarters 2010-2016 8146 and the second half of the National Parks 8147 (2016-2021).

What is the different between a 7xxx and 8xxx Dansco Album?
The pattern is the 7xxx series doesn't include the proof and silver proof only issues where the 8xxx does.

8" wide by 9 1/2" tall and the max thickness would be 1 3/4".


What Payment Methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express Credit Cards

Can I pay via COD?
No, we do not accept COD.

Are my Credit Card details secure?
Absolutely! We are running on a 256 Bit Encryption Connection. We do not store your credit card number in our system to further protect your privacy!

Is Tax included in your pricing?
No, 7% sales tax is required for all products sold within the State of Florida. This will be added to your order.

Shipping / Delivery

Can I pick-up my order?
No, we ship directly to you from our warehouse.

How much will shipping cost?
Please use the Estimate Shipping Costs link below the shopping cart on our website to determine the shipping cost to your zip code. If you forget to add something to your order feel free to place a second order and we will combined them as if you ordered all the items in one cart.

What are your shipping options at checkout?
Standard Shipping. This option ships via our choice of carrier. We use USPS for small orders. Larger order we tend to ship via FedEx/UPS. If your using a PO Box please also enter a physical address (you can type this in the comment section at checkout) we can ship to just in case.
UPS/FedEx NO PO Boxes are allowed.
USPS United States Postal Service - Priority and Media Mail (when shipping only albums or books).
Free Shipping For larger orders of $500 or more we pay the shipping. We require a physical address since we ship ground. NO PO Boxes are allowed with this option.

How long will it take for my item to be delivered?
It takes 1-3 business days for your item to be delivered if it is in-stock at the time of your order with USPS Priority. FedEx/UPS can be between 3-6 business days depending on your location. Media Mail Orders will take up to 2 weeks. Out of stock items are placed on back-order and will take longer to deliver. Out of stock items are those marked with 3 red stars (***) after the item in the shopping cart. Products that are low on stock may also be marked with the red stars. Feel free to continue checkout. We will let you know if anything is out of stock before processing your order.

How can I track my order?
We do our best to keep you informed on your order status. When we mark your order as being shipped out you should receive an email from the corresponding shipping company with the tracking number and so that you remain up-to-date with where your order is.

Who do you ship with and why?
We ship using USPS, FedEx and UPS. We use primarily USPS over FedEx and UPS because of the faster delivery times. If you have a large package FedEx/UPS will be the cheaper option but will delay on average 1-2 days in your order's arrival time. We will from time to time upgrade you for free of charge from UPS/FedEx to USPS but there are no guarantees.

What happens when an item is out of stock?
Out of stock items are placed on backorder and will take longer to deliver. We will contact you via email ASAP about any problems with your order. We will generally hold your entire order until that item(s) is back in stock unless it will take more than a day or two. If items are going to be out of stock we will email you about refunding you for that item(s) and adjust the shipping costs and mail out the remaining order.

Returns / Warranty Claims

Do your products have any warranty?
We sell only brand new Dansco products. There is no warranty that we or the Dansco Corp. offers.

What is your return policy?
We do not accept exchanges since we would not be able to charge your credit card for the second shipping charge or any difference in price. We do accept returns for refunds. Shipping charges are not refundable. Please see our full Shipping and Returns Policy page for details.

I've changed my mind or bought the wrong product, what can I do?
If the order hasn't been shipped we can cancel your order. Please contact us ASAP since we do work on the orders the same day generally. If the order has been shipped but has not yet been delivered, you can try and refuse the order and have it "Returned to Sender". If you received the goods, but have not opened them, we will refund the item price paid that are returned to us in the same condition. We do not accept any packages back that are not pre-paid. Please see our full Shipping and Returns Policy page for details.

When and why are restocking fees applied?
Restocking fees may apply if you want to return a wrongfully purchased item, which you have received and opened. Restocking fees won't apply for orders which have not been shipped. Please see our full Shipping and Returns Policy page for details.

How do I return faulty goods?
We are not Dansco and do not accept any misprinted items. Feel free to contact the Dansco Corp directly about your issue.

How do I check the status of my return?
We will contact you via your email when we receive your returned items.

Customer Accounts

Do I need to register to purchase from you?
You don't have to register. You may use our checkout without an account option at login. The account is a nice feature if you plan on being a return customer for it saves time from reentering your shipping and billing addresses and you can login to access previous orders and order status. If you do create an account we only collect the minimum data required to enable efficient communicate and delivery.

How do I update my details?
You can update your details in the My Account area of our website.

Can I change the email with which I log in?
Yes, you can do this in the View or change my account information area of our website after logging in.

What do I do when I forgot my password?
You can use the password recover functionality on our website. A new password will be generated and emailed to you. Please make sure if you select and do a copy paste there is no blank spaces before or after the password. Forgot my account password If that doesn't work email me and I will reset your password to something easy to enter.

What if I forgot the email I have registered with?
Please contact us and we can look our system to see what email you have registered with. Remember even though you have an account you can use our Checkout Without An Account checkout if you are having any issue logging in.

Contact Information

How can I contact you?
We prefer that you can contact via the Contact Us page on our website. This way we can forward you links for you to view products and images. If you need to contact us by phone call us at 754-444-0691.

What information should I provide when I contact you?
If you have not yet made a purchase you should have information about the product you are looking to purchase including the product number. Please try to find the product on our website before contacting us. If you have already made a purchase, please have your order number handy, although we can also lookup the order based on your email address or name.


Brent-Krueger closed? (Looking for a website like
Yes we did hear that they have closed. We are no way affiliated with them but if you are looking for a new supplier for your dansco albums please check us out!